“The triathlon community in Indianapolis has grown over the last 5 years in part because of training programs directly geared for certain events. However, Doug and Heather have taken this idea one step further and created a whole community of athletes that train together all year round. And not just for triathlon events such as running, cycling and swimming, their programs include strength and flexibility, nutrition, power and so much more. Their idea is to keep you going injury free so you can enjoy a lifestyle of optimal fitness and health for all the years of your life. Their experience and credentials are ranked with the very best in Indianapolis. They have coached top athletes as well as beginners. Where ever you are, they can help get you to where you want to be.”

Kris Houchens, MS Biomechanics

2007 USMS Coach of the Year
American Swim Coaches Assoc. Level 5 Cert.
Head Coach Lawrence Masters Swimming

Phoenix Athletes...

Antonio N.

“(Doug) has also done a lot for the community around him.”

Robin M.

“It was clear (Heather) was more than a coach; she was their companion on a journey to holistic living.”

Jeffery B.

“The way they laid out the program really started to resonate with me immediately.”

Chad P.

“My greatest achievement in working with Doug has been to grow and develop mentally.”

Frank D.

“I look forward to Doug’s continued guidance on my journey. I would recommend him and Heather to anyone who is looking to improve their performances.”

Jason B.

“They taught me to slow-down to get faster and to be more in-tune with my body's rhythm.”

Jane O.

“Working with Heather as my personal trainer has helped me, a 70 year old woman, become stronger physically and much better with my diet and nutrition.”

Amy B.

“I am so glad I took this leap of faith to invest more in my health, fitness and hobby. ”