chadPI began working with Doug Robinson in 2008. At the time, I was 20 pounds overweight and struggling to balance the demands of a demanding job, parenting two young children and fueling my passion for running and being outdoors.  A lifelong runner, I made a decision to explore triathlons as a way to bring discipline to my training and fend off injuries that were surely just around the corner as I grew older.

Doug was my first and only coach – first on a private basis and then as part of a group training program.  Doug attended to the many needs I had as an amateur athlete and working adult.  First, he honored my own pace and timing. He would support me to be the absolute best I wanted to be, in whatever distance or event I focused on.

Second, Doug opened up new doors and ways of thinking to me. During High School, I was in a ton of clubs and groups, but never played a sport.  Doug helped me realize that I was an athlete as well – and show me I could do things I never thought I could do.

Third, Doug knows the value of group fitness and team building to encourage results. Through his programs both my wife and I have made lifelong friends.  Since 2008 I have seen remarkable gains in my fitness and in my confidence as an athlete, which have impacted all areas of my life.

While I have lost a lot of fat, gained a lot of muscle, completed marathons, mini-marathons, sprint triathlons, olympic triathlons and even two Ironman competitions – my greatest achievement in working with Doug has been to grow and develop mentally. I’m not ‘there’ yet, of course, because the journey is the whole point.

Doug and Heather are excellent guides on that journey – whether you are brand new to any sort of fitness program or whether you are a seasoned athlete.

I highly recommend Phoenix Fitness and Training.