An excellent candidate for Phoenix Coaching is an athlete who would like greater involvement from a coach in moving to the next level or breaking through a barrier. Often times, the athlete who is interested in coaching on an individual level is looking for a more structured training plan towards an “A” race or some one who would like additional technique in one or more sports.

The Coaching package includes the following main components:
 – Fitness testing to establish training zones
 – Annual training plan
 – Weekly training schedules along with data evaluation
 – 2 hours per month of personal face time
 – PFT Training Group Membership
 – Functional Movement Systems evaluation and corrective exercises
 – Technique guidance in cycling and running
Additional services can be purchased in 30 minutes blocks at $30 per block.  Example additional services are swim stroke technique, periodized weight training, video tape analysis of swim, bike and run technique and face time beyond the 2 hour limit.