antonioNWhen I first met Coach Doug Robinson, in 2007, and he invited me to try a new triathlon group, I was not able to finish a half marathon without feeling as if I had been hit by a truck. Today (2014), under Doug’s guidance, I have successfully completed two ironman triathlons and I am looking forward to completing my third this coming September. In the meantime, I have competed in the USAT National Championships twice, completed multiple triathlon races of all distances, and six marathons.

Meeting Doug that day on the fall of 2007 was life changing on many levels. I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and I was overweight. I would go to the gym trying to get in better shape and health, however with little motivation or direction. When I started to attend the organized workouts that Doug prepared every week for our training group, I felt committed to attend. I met great people and made many friends during this process. Then, attending a group workout became more than swimming, running, or biking; it was also a great social experience where I met great people and other great coaches such as Heather Pickey.

I’ve seen how Doug’s leadership and commitment to the group has resulted in a steady growth year by year. Today, he was coaching over 100 members; and I am sure each has a unique success story related to the group. He has also done a lot for the community around him.

My interaction with Coach Doug has been great. He is an accomplish athlete, very knowledgable, and very pleasant to talk to, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for him. His coaching is not only effective and adapted to our level of fitness and goals, but also a learning experience. He is always available and willing to help. He has been always present in important moments, such as in big races, giving us his support, advice, and encouragement.

I don’t have anything but good things to say about Coach Doug and the group that he built together with the other coaches that he developed, such as Heather, and I see a bright future for them further developing new athletes and taking the existing athletes to a higher level of performance.