The Comeback Quotient Part 1: Being an Ultrarealist

Posted January 22, 2021

According to Matt’s research, the people best equipped to deal with a setback are people who have a realistic grasp of their situation.  There is always a physical aspect to a comeback, but it is the mental fitness that allows people to engage in the activities to get themselves back on track when things are …

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What is your Why?

Posted April 1, 2020

These times are strange and unknown.  I have always looked forward to the consistency of the race season with a few new events to keep things fresh, but just a few new ones.  For years and years, I have come to realize that I am a person who trains and exercises to be in shape for …

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Over Shoot and Ask Questions Later


Over-Shoot and Ask Questions Later In the world of triathlon there is a saying:  You can’t win a triathlon in the swim, but you can lose it. This general philosophy can also apply to running and biking races.  You can’t win a race in the first few moments, but you can lose it.  How you …

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FTP: A landmark for productive Winter training

Posted December 11, 2017

You are ready to have your best cycling season of your life and you can’t wait to get started on making that happen.  The only problem is that you are not sure of the best way to do that.  In the past, maybe you have always ridden hard every time you rolled out the door, …

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Foreshadowing America

Posted February 1, 2016

I had never seen it.  The Incredible Shrinking Women with Lily Tomlin.  It was made in 1981 when I was in middle school and it wasn’t a movie that young man who was trying to grow his first peach fuzz moustache would go see.  I was off watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and Taps.  …

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The Herculean Challenge

Posted January 11, 2016

Hercules was half god.  Let’s just be clear about that.  The guy could basically do anything that he wanted.  As I remember from watching the Disney version, he was so good…he was bored.  Been there, done that.  He was bored because he knew that he would win until a challenge came along that the outcome …

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To Belong on a Bike Team

Posted December 12, 2015

  Back in high school I was on the football team.  I weighed 145 lbs soaking wet, was slow and couldn’t catch a football very well, but I loved it.  My coach often used the phrase “ There is no “I” in team”.  He worked hard to build the mentality that every player did their …

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The Balance of Nature

Posted November 30, 2015

Nature has a mind of it’s own:  The seasons change, rivers flood, meadows sit silent, hurricanes surge and creeks gurgle.  Every single adjective in all of humanity can be found in any given moment in the natural flow of life.  Nature knows how much of each moment it needs to be balanced and whole. It …

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A Heart-Warming Phrase

Posted November 8, 2015

I have heard this phrase a few times over my coaching career. It is all the more pleasing and harmonic when it is preceded by a totally opposite phrase. “I really don’t like running.” That is how it often starts out. Some people don’t like to run. They say that it is not an enjoyable activity. It …

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Beautiful on the Inside

Posted October 19, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was staffing the Phoenix Fitness and Training booth at the Indianapolis Sport and Fitness Expo down at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  It was a nice event with about 100 vendors, but the highlight of the event was the CrossFit competition that commanded center stage. As I watched some of the …

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