Stressed Out?

Posted March 1, 2015

What is training stress? If you follow Joe Friel and use TrainingPeaks, you are familiar with the term TSS or Training Stress Score. In the Glossary of Joe’s book The Power Meter Handbook, he defines TSS as the workload of a training session based on intensity and duration. As you build your Training Stress Score …

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The Season is Heating Up

Posted February 22, 2015

The Season is Heating Up There are some Theoretical Physicists who say time is an illusion and that it doesn’t exist.  They say that each moment is an individual place in time and stands separately from all of the other moments that we experience.  They say that all the moments are separate, but exist all …

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Mobility and Injury

Posted February 16, 2015

Mobility and Injury           One of these pictures is not like the other. It is not like the others for two reason. Can you guess? Of course you can. If you said the gentleman in the middle for the two reasons of being older and more flexible , your are correct! …

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Whole30 Testimony

Posted February 9, 2015

Chris Wulff is our guest blog poster this week. Read about her experience with our January group Whole30 challenge… You’re at least a little curious about Whole 30. I know you are because you’re reading this. But you’re also in training which means you don’t have a lot of time to read articles by non-experts. …

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Who Needs FMS?

Posted January 26, 2015

Phoenix Fitness and Training has developed a great new partnership. As of a few weeks ago we have become the official Strength and Conditioning Coaches for the Butler Women’s Soccer Team. We have had an exciting start and have been putting the ladies on the team through some fitness testing and have given each of …

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Riding in the Dark

Posted October 2, 2014

The other morning I witnessed a cyclist getting hit by a car. It had all of the classic experiences. The screech of tires. The dull thud of a person hitting the body of the car that just seems to echo deep into your bones. The sharpness of your breath as you inhale in shock and …

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Phoenix Moments

Posted August 23, 2014

Have you ever wanted to have a “redo” button? A chance to wind things back and get a second chance at a moment in time? Well, I have, but sadly, they haven’t been invented….yet. But, there is something that is almost just as good. Almost, if you are aware of the critical moment and you …

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Our First Dollar

Posted May 4, 2014

Sixteen days ago, something happened that has never really happened in my life. Someone wrote me a check, but my name wasn’t on it. The check was partly for me and partly for Heather. It was our first check, our first member of Phoenix Fitness and Training.

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The Story of the Phoenix

Posted April 16, 2014

The story of the phoenix is one of long life and renewal. It is one of many legends across many different cultures, but there are consistent themes that run through them.

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