According to the Chinese Zodiac, February 12th starts the year of the metal ox, but for me, 2021 is the year of the comeback. 

Most people have comebacks because of an injury or taking time away from their sport for years because of family or job responsibilities.  This comeback is because of Covid-19, which makes it unique.  Some are in better shape than they have been in the past.  Some are not in great shape, but not too bad, but whatever the current level of your fitness, there is a sense of returning to the sport after being away from competition and the normal flow of training. It is an emotional comeback more than a physical comeback, but it is a comeback none the less.

Heather got me Matt Fitzgerald’s latest book, The Comeback Quotient, for Christmas.  It has been a great read and very helpful in framing out the mindset and mental steps to help people progress through not only a comeback, but ultimately, how to frame out an approach to training and racing.

Over the next 5 weeks leading up to February 12 (my official start of the Year of the Comeback), I am going to do a 5 part book review of The Comeback Quotient.  Each week, there will be a focus on a different aspect of the process so that when we hit mid-February, we will all have an idea of some solid approaches to launch ourselves into 2021.