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Unfortunately, with access to pools shutdown due to the Covid-19 crisis, many triathletes and swimmers are at a complete loss as to how to continue to find a way to train to keep some semblance of swim fitness as we all wait for the pools to be reopened.  We know that the best way to build and keep fitness is to train and workout on a consistent basis.  We also know that a key to not getting injured is to maintain some kind of training routine, so that when regular training can resume, our level of exercise doesn’t go from zero to sixty.

The coaches at Phoenix Fitness and Training are hosting live Dry Land Swim Training workouts on the Zoom video platform.  The training sessions are around 40 minutes long and are a mix of swim specific swim intervals using tubing and also exercises that are designed to help strengthen the muscles and patterns used in swimming.  Not only will you be able to get a solid workout that might even be harder than a pool session, you can work on the body postures and gross mechanical movements so that when you can get back in the water you might be a more balanced and more technically sound swimmer.

We are all looking forward to being able to sign up for the Tuxedo Brothers triathlons, but there is a good chance that the pools won’t be open much before the first opportunity to race.  Don’t be stuck feeling like you are not at all prepared to have a strong swim when the time comes.

Phoenix Fitness and Training is offering one class purchase options as well as a discounted 5 and 10-class passes. Simply purchase a class we will send you information on how to sign into our live virtual classes.

In addition to the Dryland Swim workouts those class passes are also good for our live virtual group fitness functional strength classes. You will need tubing with handles to participate in the Dry Land workouts and will want but not necessarily need a foam roller, resistance bands, a set of 2, 3 or 4# hand weights and a set of 10# hand weights.