Phoenix Fitness and Training hosts over 200 days of organized workouts each year between the run practices, bike rides, bricks and clinics for everyone in the triathlon and running community. You do not need to be a member of PFT in order to benefit from the training group. Doug is excited to share his 37 years of triathlon and coaching experience so that athletes in the group can have a steeper leaning curve than if they were training on their own. The sessions are designed to allow everyone to participate at an appropriate intensity based on their current fitness level.  Nobody held back. Nobody chasing to keep up. You get group support, a layer of accountability, expert guidance, anti-procrastination assistance and heartfelt encouragement.

The group trains all year. We host runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. We also host bike rides or bricks on Wednesday evenings and some Sundays in the warmer months. The group follows a periodized training plan with builds to Carmel Marathon, Tri Indy/USAT Nationals and the Monumental Marathon. There is also a group that will be targeting the Eagleman 70.3 race in early June. In addition to these bigger events, the group will participate in many smaller events throughout the season such as the Tuxedo Brother’s triathlons.

The fee to join for all of 2024 is now only $124, down from the regular membership fee of $150, in celebration of 2024.  If your bank uses Zelle, you can use Doug’s email or phone number (317-496-3615) to find the PFT Zelle account or you can Venmo using @drobindy