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Program Highlights

LOCATION: Dynamo Fields

COST:$200 per athlete

SESSIONS: 8 total practices

-9:00 AM Sessions

June 20, 23, 27, 30 and July 11, 14, 18, 21

-4:00 Sessions

June 19, 21, 26, 28 and July 10, 12, 17, 19

GOAL: Increase stability, mobility and healthy movement patterns.

WHO: Dynamo FC Senior players both boys and girls

ENROLEMENT: Minimum 8 athletes Maximum 16.


After a Functional Movement Screen, the athletes will engage in corrective exercises that will target three areas:

  • Mobility – the active, authentic range of motion of a joint.
  • Stability – the control of that joint both statically and actively
  • Kinetic Awareness – the development of being conscious of how and when the body moves

The practice sessions will last for 60 minutes at the Dynamo Soccer fields and will mostly use foam rollers, rubber tubing, light kettlebells, body weight exercises and specific postures.

This program is not strength training to correct imbalances.  It is neuromuscular training to help the body move in a symmetrical way with stable joints to minimize the body’s need to compensate. Once accomplished to a satisfactory level, training becomes more productive.

Functional Movement Screen defined

Muscle flexibility, strength imbalances or compensation due to previous injury are all acknowledged as significant risk factors for injury. In many cases, the FMS will pinpoint these issues that may not be identified in other standard evaluations. The functional movement screen will identify functional deficits related to proprioceptive, mobility and stability limitations. If these risk factors can be identified and addressed using the FMS, then decreases in injuries and improved performance should follow.

Coach Doug Robinson and Heather Pickey

Coach Doug Robinson and Coach Heather Pickey have been FMS  Certified for three years and have worked with hundreds of athletes including the Butler Women’s Soccer Team as well as numerous runners, triathletes and cyclists.  They own Phoenix Fitness and Training in Broad Ripple.

Contact Coach Doug Robinson: 317-496-3615    [email protected] –