I am turning 50 years old on Saturday, March 4th.  I was brainstorming ways to celebrate and the phrase Share the 50 popped into my head. I came up with the idea of running the equivalent of 50 laps around a track. I say equivalent, because I don’t know if I want to spend my Saturday morning running around a 400 meter track, so I am going to run 12.5 miles which is the same distance as 50 laps, but maybe I will. Either way, I will be rolling out of The Loft just after 8:00 AM. Come join me.

After the run, come upstairs to The Loft and share in a healthy birthday treat.

If you are not interested in running, but you would like to still honor my age with a workout, there are a few other options to Share the 50  at The Loft.  The CompuTrainer ride will have a 50 min main set. I will be doing 5 X 10 reps of squats in Squat Club at 10:00 and 50 second intervals during my TRX class at 11:00.

Can’t workout with me on Saturday?  I have one additional way that you can Share the 50.  For 2017, it costs $100 to be a part of the The Loft Training Group until December.  For this week only, I would like to give you a gift that you can personally use and re-gift guilt free.  Use the comp code sharethe50 and get access to the The Loft Training Group for $50 for the rest of the year.  That means for $5 a month, you can have access to coach led run workouts and outside bike workouts for about the same price as a beer from our friends down at Twenty Tap.  With an average of 8 group workouts each week for the next 48 weeks that comes out to $0.13 per workout opportunity.  No where else in Indianapolis is there access to guided workouts 6-7 days per week in one location that will get you in shape for almost any event that you sign up for: Carmel Marathon, the MINI, TuxBro Sprint Triathlons and Tri Indy and the Beyond Monumental events just to name a few.

Just follow the link and use the comp code sharethe50
Share the code with your friends and don’t delay as the comp code expires at midnight on March 4th.l