Membership – Only $25 per month

MAY THROUGH SEPTEMBER – The Phoenix Fitness and Training training group schedule is focused on triathlon, running and bike racing. All are welcome throughout the week as we plan workouts and group practices to accommodate all paces.

Weekday runs are typically tempo, hill repeat or interval focused. On most Saturdays we host an 8 am practice that is either Bike/Run brick for triathletes or duathletes or long run focused (75-90 minutes).

Our Monday evening bike practice is focused on learning about good bike technique and handling: cornering practice, choosing gearing for hill climbs or pace line techniques.

Our Sunday ride is a strong 50 mile group ride. This is a ride of more intensity and not for beginner riders. The group pace is 18-20 mph average with sections of higher intensity and opportunities for regrouping.

***Due to the amount of races scheduled on weekends through the Summer, always check the schedule to make sure the weekend practices are being hosted.

Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 PM Run Practice

Wednesday 6:00 pm and Friday 12:00 pm Group Ride

Saturday 8:00 AM Brick or Run Practice

Sunday 10:00 AM 50 mile group ride

OCTOBER THROUGH APRIL – The Phoenix Fitness and Training training group schedule is focused on running as the weather cools off and we move indoors for biking and swimming. The running practice schedule is the same as above.

Membership – Only $25 per month!